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What fake tan do Love Island contestants use?

What fake tan do Love Island contestants use?     Have you ever imagined yourself a Love Island contestant trying to find your real love on the island? What would be your style? Fans are attentive not only to love stories but also to how the TV-stars look!     The famous date show has millions of fans around the world. Some are sincerely empathetic to their favorite heroes; others enjoy hot and exciting love stories. However, the majority is a real fun of the flawless looks of the contestants.   While their looks are impressive most of the time, some contestants claim there were not always enough time and opportunity to work with stylists. Those attractive looks TV-stars have...

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What fake tan does Kim Kardashian wear?

Kim Kardashian has been dictating style and beauty hacks for a relatively long time. Millions are obsessed with her looks at every public event, every IG post, and interview.   It seems that Kim and her team of stylists know exactly how to nail it. Besides creating fantastic colour palettes for her SKIMS shapewear brand, Kim also “wears” perfect skin colour herself.   Kim is a big fan of fake tan, which she applies not once - but procedure she does regularly. See one of her videos where she calls herself “tanorexic”? In another interview, Kim laughs, telling a story of how she was breastfeeding North, forgetting she recently had a fake tan spray.   Whatever are the stories about...

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